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Gibraltar is a self-governing British territory having been ceded to Great Britain in 1713 pursuant to the Treaty of Utrecht. Gibraltar’s parliament has full legislative powers and executive power is vested in Her Majesty and exercised by the Government of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar generally follows English common law and the rules of equity, with the English Civil Procedure Rules applying in civil matters. The Magistrates’ Court, Coroner’s Court, Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal all sit in Gibraltar with final appeals going to the Privy Council which sits in London.

Gibraltar is an EU territory having joined with the UK in 1973 as a territory whose external relations, the UK as a Member State, is responsible for.  Gibraltar is therefore the only British Overseas Territory that has full access to the Single European Market. 

Importantly it has exemptions in the three following areas – the Common Agricultural and Fisheries Policies, the Common Customs Territory and the levying of VAT. 

The Gibraltar government has a fully dedicated Finance Centre Department headed by the Minister for Finance and the Finance Centre Director.  Financial services are regulated by the Financial Services Commission, a statutory body, which has responsibility for regulating investment business in Gibraltar. The FSC is required by statute to match UK standards where EU legislation applies.  

Apart from a land link with Spain, there are flights to London and Manchester for international connections from Gibraltar. The unit of currency in Gibraltar is the pound sterling and English is the official and business language of Gibraltar.