Gibraltar is a commom law jurisdiction that combines a rich legal heritage with a modern, dynamic, and successful finance centre

We enjoy a sunny subtropical climate, unique geographic location and special status as a British overseas territory in Europe

The Rock of Gibraltar is connected to the European continent on the southernmost tip of Spain. A self-governing and self-financing parliamentary democracy Gibraltar enjoys a successful and buoyant economy, based on key tourism, shipping and finance sector industries. Apart from enjoing state of the art global IT and communications infrastructure, Gibraltar has its own international airport with daily direct connections to a number of UK cities including, London which is less than three hours by air. Nearby Malaga airport serves most other European cities.

Gibraltar has as its foundation three main virtues; regulation, reputation and speed to market. We benefit from low flat rate corporation tax of 10%, and a competitive tax regime for high net worth individuals. A member of the EU by virtue of the UK’s membership Gibraltar has no VAT, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax. Gibraltar will benefit from the UK’s Brexit arrangements with the EU. Gibraltar’s small size permits easy accessibility to key decision makers, promoting a dynamic and responsive business culture.

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